Why Us

The market is growing at an enormous rate with health and stress-related problems facing individuals each year. ComplexCity offers a non-invasive way for its clients to improve their appearance and any other discomfort in a welcoming and nurturing environment.

The concept fits the needs of many different types of people and demographics, allowing for a wide range of ideal locations that could fit the ComplexCity Spa business model.

Unlike other skin enhancement centers, we are not surgical-based. We focus strongly on state-of-the-art treatment combinations that were specifically developed to improve different skin problems.

We provide support and training before and after you launch your own ComplexCity Spa.

The mission of ComplexCity is to make our clients feel and look their best while, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and standards. Our primary focus is not only to provide the customers with beautiful and glowing skin but also to consider the crucial health of the skin as well.

Our business model is structured for a franchisee to have a comfortable lifestyle with an abundance of time and money.

We provide targeted marketing programs for each franchisee to grow the business.

We offer many benefits to our franchise businesses. They include:

  • Training before Launch & Ongoing training for you and your staff
  • Initial training to launch your business
  • Access to training manuals and programs
  • Access to sales, marketing, and administrative materials
  • Existing customer and supplier relationships
  • Technical support
  • Exclusive territories
  • and More!