ComplexCity Spa is a company that is based on the belief that clients’ needs are of the utmost importance. ComplexCity Spa created a skin care business that offers all of the services necessary to fend off the aging process, allowing customers to de-stress or beautify, as they remove years from their appearance.

The ComplexCity model takes it a bit further, however. Guests have the ability to use state-of-the-art technology and the latest LASER and non-invasive treatments.

Coreen Mathe is a licensed surgical technologist, electrologist, permanent makeup artist and esthetician who possesses a thorough understanding of skin health and condition. Her unique medical and aesthetic background allows her to design the most effective treatment plans. More so, Coreen’s decades of experience working with plastic surgeons and dermatologists allow her to perform the procedures with a great level of expertise.

Skin Care by Coreen was created for those who insist on the latest and most effective skin care treatments. Coreen’s prime focus is not only to provide the customers with beautiful and glowing skin but also to consider the crucial health of the skin as well.



We are proud to present a wide range of skin care services for any and all skin conditions with unique treatment combinations. Among many other services, we have painless laser hair removal, skin tightening, and body-slimming treatments unparalleled to any other similar services.


We provide support and training before and after you launch your own ComplexCity Spa.


Our business model is structured for a franchisee to have a comfortable lifestyle with an abundance of time and money.


We provide marketing programs for each franchisee.


Feel free to do your research and follow the process to be one step closer to opening your own location.

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Franchising Is Easy With ComplexCity Spa


About Owning a Beauty Location With ComplexCity Spa

If you would like to work in the spa industry, why not become your own boss while operating a location with ComplexCity Spa? There are franchise opportunities for those looking to start a rewarding career in the spa and hospitality industry while helping people relax and making them feel beautiful and confident. If this sounds like a dream job to you, you should know a bit more about the opportunity and what it entails.

Provide Top Services to Clients

When clients decide to visit the spa, they expect to have a relaxing time while getting pampered. ComplexCity Spa is known for offering some of the leading services in the industry, including assorted facials designed to target different skin conditions, skin tightening treatments, and even laser hair removal. As a result of these services, clients can leave the spa looking good and feeling even better than they felt when they first walked into the building. As a franchised owner, you would get to offer these and various other spa-related services to the clients each day.

More clients would look forward to visiting the spa because of everything that is being offered to them. You would get the opportunity to learn even more about the services that you would offer to the clients, along with the difference those services can make for those who are looking to improve the way they feel.

Get the Training You Need

If you have never worked in the spa industry and have never operated a franchise, you may not know what you should expect of this business venture. The professionals at ComplexCity Spa want you to have the most success possible and will do what they can to guide you through this process by providing detailed training before you open the business and even after you have opened to the public. The valuable training you receive could help you get further as you work hard to have the most success possible in the spa industry.

Earn a Great Income

Choosing to own a ComplexCity Spa franchise means choosing financial stability for your future. If you follow through with the training and are serious about having real success, you can start to earn a comfortable living while helping to employ people living in the local area. There will always be people who want and need to visit the spa because they are looking to tackle different issues or even just relieve some of their stress. With that in mind, there are plenty of opportunities to bring in a steady and reliable income from the business in no time.

Owning a ComplexCity Spa franchise is a fantastic idea for those looking to work in the spa industry. Instead of working for someone else, you can become your own boss while enjoying endless possibilities to earn a reliable income. If you want to become a franchising owner, you can receive all the support and training needed before you open the doors to the spa and start bringing the clients in to enjoy all the different services that are offered to them.