4 Great Reasons To Invest Into A Spa Franchise Rather Than Launching Your Own

Are you considering getting a spa business going? If this is the case, then you might want to think about investing into a franchise rather than starting up your own. If you’d like to learn 4 reasons why a franchise investment can be a smarter move than launching your own, keep reading.

1) Proper Structuring:

One great thing about purchasing an existing spa business from a franchise is the structure you’ll have. The business model is already going to be in place, helping you get your own business going so you can grow it. Any great franchise opportunity will include the possibility of fast growth and good odds of success. That’s all possible due to the structuring already in place.

Franchisers have worked long and hard to set up proper structuring. They have vested interests in seeing franchisees succeed, which is exactly why they put as much effort as they do into the development of a framework which works. In short, you’re going to have plenty of access to necessary tools, be it accounting, marketing methods, tech resources, and much more.

On top of all this, franchisers already have developed strategies they can give you that are known to work. Should you decide to start a spa from scratch, then you’re going to be responsible for everything on your own. That means putting energy and time into tasks that don’t necessarily relate to growing a business from its inception. Having an existing framework already in place is a far better starting point.

2) Existing Reputation And Brand Awareness:

One more advantage of buying your franchise is that you’re going to be buying into something that already has its own brand name. Consumers will already know that name. When you open a business that already has its brand and reputation established, you’ll get off to a great start. You’re going to discover that having a brand name can be very powerful in marketing.

When you have a recognized brand name, you’ll get better conversions, particularly if you start implementing your very own methods of marketing. Should you start something from scratch, then you’re going to have to get the word out about your business, which can wind up costing many thousands of dollars. It might be a while before this investment generates any kind of return. That’s why buying a pre-existing franchise as a business makes more sense, since the foundation work of establishing a reputation is already done.

3) You Get Support:

If it’s your first time running a business or you’re just a new face in the spa industry, then you’re going to want someone backing you up. Having the right level of support can mean a world of difference, and this is just another reason why you should buy yourself a franchise. A franchise will want you to succeed, because it ultimately means that they succeed. That’s why they give franchisees tremendous support. They’ll give you the training, tools, and support which you need so you can have the best odds of being successful.

4) Quick ROI Interval:

You can always launch a business on your own, but then again it’s going to take a lot longer than you want before you start seeing a decent return on whatever you invest into it. It might take a while for you to break even, and this isn’t typically the case if you buy into a franchising opportunity. If you launch something on your own, you won’t have a blueprint laid for you, meaning you have to decide each detail, large or small, all alone.

On top of figuring things out, you’ll have to handle issues like reaching out to suppliers, negotiating prices, and other aspects of that nature. When you invest into a spa franchise, it lets you buy in volume for great prices. That can help you get to your ROI a lot faster than launching from scratch. On top of all that, you could get great deals and discounts on advertising and marketing materials.

The bottom line with a franchise is like getting to pass Go and collect your $200 faster. If you do things on your own, you’ll put a lot more time and money into equipment, training, and marketing just avoiding errors and mistakes. Those mistakes and errors are also a lot more likely to happen if you’re new to this industry. Rather than making costly mistakes, you can instead enjoy faster profits with a franchise.

In Conclusion

If you are thinking about starting a spa, it’s generally better to buy into a franchise than start one of your own. You’ll have better odds of success, and you won’t be alone in running things. Experienced people will back you, and you’ll take advantage of a branded name with an established reputation that comes with tools and resources your company can use to grow quickly.

If you’d like to start things right, along with quicker profits, then look into buying a franchise now. Remember that you’ll be given the support, framework, and planning that is known to work. Now all you have to do is figure out which franchise is going to be right for you before you take the steps to get your spa business going.


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  • 4 Great Reasons To Invest Into A Spa Franchise Rather Than Launching Your Own
  • A Look At America’s Most Profitable Massage Franchises

    The massage industry in the USA has, over the years, become a very lucrative market and more entrepreneurs are now investing in the concept since it offers a reliable and reputable list of business options to choose from. In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 massage franchises in America today.

    The original idea behind this concept, which started at the dawn of the new millennium, was founded on the premise of providing massage therapy in subscription form where clients would be charged a monthly fee for a massage or any other associated services every month. Most franchises featured on this list followed this concept – offering a sort of membership plan.

    While the exact approach may vary from company to company, membership trends are based on a basic short-term agreement, usually a month-to-month subscription basis that customers can easily cancel. It is worth noting that most of these memberships offer several benefits. The monthly membership model can be beneficial to franchises as it comes with the promise of consistent monthly revenue.

    The massage therapy industry in America today is worth over $12 billion and the number of people who get a massage more than once every year continues to grow with the current estimate standing at about 50 million Americans.

    A Look At The Most Profitable Franchises In America

    The following list highlights massage franchises we believe are at the top of the game in 2018:

    1. Massage Envy

    Massage Envy is one of the early adopters of the massage franchise business plan and is the industry’s largest chain in America. Apart from the massage services they provide, the company also offers Streto, a service that involves customized and assisted stretch solutions that focus on stretching the body, relaxing the mind, and include facials. Massage Envy’s membership plan consists of a one-hour massage or a single monthly facial. They also offer member pricing for extra services and discounts for members who sign up family members, sharing unused sessions, or rollovers and free massages for anyone who refers a member. Founded in 2002, Massage Envy locations have steadily grown over the last decade jumping from 334 in 2007 to over 1,180 locations in America and 2 overseas franchises.

    2. Hand and Stone Massage & Facial Spa

    The company offers hair removal, facials, massages and several extra services like scalp massage, hot-towel treatments, aromatherapy, and more. They also offer a Healthy Lifestyle Program, a monthly membership that members can use to get a one-hour massage, membership prices on different gift card purchases, a signature facial and to enroll into the franchise’s member rewards program. Members, compared to non-members, pay 1/3 less. The company, established in 2004 and franchised since 2006, has over the last decade, grown quite rapidly. In 2007, the company only had 12 locations within America. Today, however, they have 326 locations in America alone and 23 overseas locations, 1 of which is company-owned. https://handandstone.com/

    3. Elements Massage

    Elements Massage decided to focus on a single service and master it completely – that service was the massage. Theirs is not your average massage, no! Elements Massage has focuses on handcrafted and personalized therapeutic massages that address the specific needs and wants of their clients. And this has paid off. As a result, the company enjoys high customer satisfaction scores, and they guarantee their customers 100% satisfaction. Elements Massage backs their claim by offering members free massages should a massage session not be up to par with their needs. The company’s monthly massage subscription, The Elements Wellness Program, requires that anyone wishing to cancel their massage subscription should give a 30-day notice. Missed sessions can be rolled over to the next month free at no additional costs. The company, founded in 2001, started franchising in 2006. By 2007, it has expanded to 11 different locations and today has 239 locations in America and one overseas branch. https://elementsmassage.com/

    4. Massage Heights

    Massage Heights offers facials and massages amongst other services including therapeutic aromatherapy. They offer customized memberships through their Lifestyle Program which includes a 50% discount for services non-members get, automatic rollovers on unused sessions, loyalty program points, and free aromatherapy. The company offers active military personnel special membership discounts and also have corporate memberships. The company was founded in 2004 but started franchising in 2005. Over the last decade, their locations have grown from a meager 11 in 2006 to 149 today, with 5 of these being company-owned. They also have 13 overseas locations. https://www.massageheights.com/

    Franchises That Enjoy A Minimum of $100,000 In Profits Annually

    5. Massage Green Spa

    Therapeutic massages are this business’ specialty. However, in some of their locations, they offer infrared sauna and facial sessions. The company is considered an eco-friendly business in relation to the buildings they’ve had constructed plus the products they use. Wellness Plan Membership, their membership plan, is a monthly subscription which provides clients a one-hour full body massage on a monthly basis and discounts for additional massages. In addition to various combo plans for some of their services, their membership is also applicable in salons that offer sauna and facials. Over the last years, their locations have increased from a meager 6 in 2011 to 82 locations, with 32 of these being company-owned.

    6. The Woodhouse Day Spa

    Woodhouse Day Spa’s focus is on rejuvenation and relaxation, and that’s why the first things each client receives they moment they arrive is reflexology sandals and a robe. While waiting to indulge in various spa services such as manicures, facials, pedicures, body treatments, facials, massages, and waxing, clients are directed to a Quiet Room where they enjoy a hot cup of loose-leaf tea. The Woodhouse Day Spa has carved a name for itself as being an approachable yet affordable luxury. At the core of the company’s model is 99 Elements which ensures that spa experiences for clients are consistent in all their locations. The company, which was established in 2001, has 60 locations spread across 20 States. https://www.woodhousespas.com/

    7. LaVida Massage

    LaVida Massage is a popular wellness center franchise that offers customized therapeutic massages for the entire family. The company offers modern skincare solutions like facials, waxing, and peels at most of their locations. In their Membership Benefits Program, they offer 25% discount on monthly massages plus various benefits like reward points that members can use to redeem services or products. They also offer amazing discounts on various products and services. LaVida was founded in 2007 and started franchising almost immediately. Today, they have about 57 locations spread across the U.S. https://lavidamassage.com/

    8. MassageLuxe

    MassageLuxe specializes in providing waxing, massage and facials services in relaxing and luxurious environments. Their membership is available in 3 levels, all of which require no contract and come with long-term commitments. Each one of these memberships comes with an unlimited, daily fifteen-minute HydroLuxe dry water massage. Clients can cancel their monthly membership subscription at any time either by sending a certified letter or in person. All membership sessions rollover to the next month as long as the membership is paid for and is active. MassageLuxe was founded in 2008 and immediately started franchising. Today, the company has 47 locations around America with 5 of these being company-owned branches. https://massageluxe.com/

    9. Spavia Day Spa

    Spavia Day Spa offers body treatments, eyelash extensions, massages, lessons, mineral-makeup applications, and sunless tanning. Their focus is on providing customers with luxurious yet affordable spa experiences. As an eco-friendly business, Spavia Day Spa is dedicated to using natural, paraben-free, and organic products, energy conservation, and providing natural services. They offer a 3-tier month-to-month membership subscription which allows them to serve their clients better. Since 2012, their locations have grown from 3 to 22 locations today, with one of these being a company-owned location. https://franchise.spaviadayspa.com/

    10. Massage Retreat and Spa

    Massage Retreat and Spa offers massage services in addition to several other spa solutions which are provided by professional, well-trained and licensed therapists in a comfortable and luxurious environment. Apart from massages, the company also offers eyelash and eyebrow tinting, waxing, and facials, deep muscle relief, stone therapy, hot towel therapy, mango foot scrubs, and aromatherapy. They have a monthly membership program that requires members to provide a thirty-day notice before canceling. Their membership allows members to choose between a one-hour massage, a customized facial, or discounts on some of the services they offer. Established in 2007, the company has 7 location, 6 of these being company owned and located in the state of Minnesota and Minneapolis and they are still keen on growing even more. https://massageretreat.com/

    More about our spa franchise: http://complexcityfranchise.com

  • A Look At America’s Most Profitable Massage Franchises
  • Services That Can Be Provided When Operating A ComplexCity Spa Franchise
  • 4 Great Reasons To Invest Into A Spa Franchise Rather Than Launching Your Own